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Proud Owner Of A Droid X
July 22, 2010, 3:01 pm
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Droid XLooks like real life has gotten in the way of my virtual life yet again. Since my last post in May I have been usually busy working in my house and yard, and of course building the SEO friendly interwebs at my real job. I also managed to get one of those new phones, perhaps you have heard of the Droid X?

The new Motorola Droid X debuted in stores on July 15. Unlike some of my iPhone loving co-workers, I did not arrive to work late to get in line at Verizon, like they did when the iPhone 4 debuted, but instead went after work to order my new phone.  As i anticipated, Verizon did not have any in stock, having sold out in the morning, but they ordered it and it was delivered to my house in just 2 days via FedEx. Because of my wait, they also hooked me up with some accessories, such as a case, screen protectors and a car charger! When my new device arrived I promptly crushed my Blackberry and rushed to Verizon to activate my Droid.

Just like many of the reports you have read online, it’s a pretty sweet phone. I haven’t had any issues with the phone, and I know that if i did, Verizon would fix them, because their service department is great. The employees actually set up all my email accounts and downloaded some apps for me before I left the store! So with the giant screen, HD video camera, lots of free apps, and all the other features, the Droid X is pretty awesome.