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April In The D
April 29, 2010, 7:21 pm
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Detroit Tigers Logo“April in the D” is one of the best times of the year to be in Detroit. How about those Tigers and Red Wings?

Ok, enough about sports and down to business. There have been a few cool Social Media/eCommerce/mCommerce things happening this month right here in Michigan and I’d like to give them some props.

First I’d like to give kudos to the Pure Michigan Campaign once again! Now, I am partially biased to these campaigns because I live in Michigan and I love Tim Allen- the narrator of the ads, but I think anyone (whether they are from Michigan or not) can recognize their greatness. Last week they did something truly innovative by combining their new Radio and TV Ads with Social Media. The smart folks at Pure Michigan designated April 19-23 as “Premiere Week” and debuted a new ad each day via their Facebook Page, Twitter, and Blog. It was highly successful, inspiring many to Comment, RT and “Like.” Once again, great job Pure Michigan!

Next I’d like to bring a great article to your attention from The Detroit Free Press. This article highlights the Ford Motor Company announcement that indicated that later this year, the new Ford Fiesta will be the first car to allow the Sync technology to work with Twitter, Pandora and Sticher. This software will allow drivers to use their smart phone to control these three web services with voice commands. Ford also said that developers can submit ideas for new Sync Applications, indicating that more websites will eventually be able to be used while on the road. You can read the full article here, but I thought it was pretty cool that car companies are  recognizing the importance of mobile commerce and social media, in turn, incorporating this technology into our vehicles. It’s even better that the first to do so is a Detroit Auto Maker, so way to go Ford!

Go Tigers and Red Wings! (sorry, just had to slip that in just once more time)


Proud To Be From The D
January 28, 2010, 7:54 pm
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Welcome To DetroitToday I am proud to be a born and raised Metro-Detroiter, but for a long time I was embarrassed about it. Most people I met in college “Couldn’t wait to graduate so I can get the heck out of this state.” For a long time I thought that way too.

I was fortunate enough to intern in Walt Disney World (Yes I thought I would never leave) While I was there, everyone always asks where I was from, to which I said Detroit. The reactions were all negative, such as, “is 8 Mile real?” “Do you own a gun?” and my favorite, “You must be a badass.”

I hate the bad rap that is often associated with Detroit and I hated that I was perceived in that manner simply because I said I lived here.

Now that I have graduated, I was fortunate enough to find a job at a local growing, (yes growing) eCommerce marketing company, and I love it! While job hunting and the negative news stories were discouraging, in the back of my mind I thought to myself, “you know, things may be bad right now, but the people who stay here, and stick it out, and work hard will be the successful ones in the future.” I’m learning that my thoughts were right on.

Since I began my work in marketing, I have been constantly seeking advice from other pros and learning through observing. What I am most impressed by is the uses of our creative talents to revitalize the very place we live. I think it’s great that not only do we help clients market their business, but we can use our skills to help our city, to help others see what we see, and not what they hear about in the news.  Recently several large agencies each created a campaign to attract young, creative people to the state, which is pretty darn cool! It probably motivated the heck out of the employees and has the potential to change the city and the state.

Another great example is the Pure Michigan Campaign, which is one of my all time favs. These ads highlight what is amazing and unique about not only Detroit, but the entire state! Even though the campaign is running low on funding, they are now allowing anyone to submit an ad, so now the people of Michigan can tell others what is so great about this city and you can be sure I’ll be submitting an entry!

Other local marketing and PR folks are using social media to bring awareness and create a positive energy, hosting tweetups and other events for all the creative minds in the D. With these positive energies coming out of Detroit, we are sure to make it great again. I’ve enjoyed connecting with other hard working people in the city at the few events I’ve been able to attend (due to a ill parent) and I can’t wait to attend more as my schedule allows great one coming up is Ignite Detroit.

Road Signs on the Detroit border say “Detroit: The Renaissance City” and it is still true today. Detroit has seen lots of bad times and always managed to reinvent itself. We can do it again, we are doing it again, right now! Think about it, amazing things have come from Detroit and Michigan, Cars, Motown Music, Faygo,, Kid Rock, Sanders Hot Fudge, and so many more great things will come from Detroit!

Detroit is the Renaissance city, and we are the revolution! As my Florida friend said, “You must be a badass.” She was right because I am proud to be from the D, and I’m proud to be part of the Detroit Renaissance! That’s pretty badass if you ask me.