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Proud To Be From The D
January 28, 2010, 7:54 pm
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Welcome To DetroitToday I am proud to be a born and raised Metro-Detroiter, but for a long time I was embarrassed about it. Most people I met in college “Couldn’t wait to graduate so I can get the heck out of this state.” For a long time I thought that way too.

I was fortunate enough to intern in Walt Disney World (Yes I thought I would never leave) While I was there, everyone always asks where I was from, to which I said Detroit. The reactions were all negative, such as, “is 8 Mile real?” “Do you own a gun?” and my favorite, “You must be a badass.”

I hate the bad rap that is often associated with Detroit and I hated that I was perceived in that manner simply because I said I lived here.

Now that I have graduated, I was fortunate enough to find a job at a local growing, (yes growing) eCommerce marketing company, and I love it! While job hunting and the negative news stories were discouraging, in the back of my mind I thought to myself, “you know, things may be bad right now, but the people who stay here, and stick it out, and work hard will be the successful ones in the future.” I’m learning that my thoughts were right on.

Since I began my work in marketing, I have been constantly seeking advice from other pros and learning through observing. What I am most impressed by is the uses of our creative talents to revitalize the very place we live. I think it’s great that not only do we help clients market their business, but we can use our skills to help our city, to help others see what we see, and not what they hear about in the news.  Recently several large agencies each created a campaign to attract young, creative people to the state, which is pretty darn cool! It probably motivated the heck out of the employees and has the potential to change the city and the state.

Another great example is the Pure Michigan Campaign, which is one of my all time favs. These ads highlight what is amazing and unique about not only Detroit, but the entire state! Even though the campaign is running low on funding, they are now allowing anyone to submit an ad, so now the people of Michigan can tell others what is so great about this city and you can be sure I’ll be submitting an entry!

Other local marketing and PR folks are using social media to bring awareness and create a positive energy, hosting tweetups and other events for all the creative minds in the D. With these positive energies coming out of Detroit, we are sure to make it great again. I’ve enjoyed connecting with other hard working people in the city at the few events I’ve been able to attend (due to a ill parent) and I can’t wait to attend more as my schedule allows great one coming up is Ignite Detroit.

Road Signs on the Detroit border say “Detroit: The Renaissance City” and it is still true today. Detroit has seen lots of bad times and always managed to reinvent itself. We can do it again, we are doing it again, right now! Think about it, amazing things have come from Detroit and Michigan, Cars, Motown Music, Faygo,, Kid Rock, Sanders Hot Fudge, and so many more great things will come from Detroit!

Detroit is the Renaissance city, and we are the revolution! As my Florida friend said, “You must be a badass.” She was right because I am proud to be from the D, and I’m proud to be part of the Detroit Renaissance! That’s pretty badass if you ask me.


Don’t Be A #FailWhale
January 26, 2010, 4:11 pm
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All the latest buzz is about how businesses can leverage social media to their advantage. While many companies are jumping on the social media bandwagon, we Marketing pros know know that it is important to use social media correctly. Having a social media presence means nothing unless you engage your followers and offer useful content. Below are some of my personal recommendations, based on my own experiences and observations, on how to not be an #epicfail on twitter.

Give Props Your Tweeters: When a business or company is on twitter, obviously one or more of the company’s employees are managing the account. Cool companies list the people who tweet for them in the Bio section, such as tweets by @cmb23. This allows the company’s followers to go ahead and view @cmb23’s profile. Many people who tweet for businesses will also tweet about their company. If the company’s employees are on twitter, and using it well, it shows that the people managing the account actually know what they are doing. This looks good for a company because 1.) they have thought enough about their social media presence to have selected the right person for the job, and clearly aren’t tweeting for the sake of tweeting and 2.) if employees have positive things to say about their company on their personal twitter accounts, the company is more favorably viewed.

Turn Negative Comments Into Positive Press: You need to respond negative comments and complaints, preferably in a timely manner. If there is nothing you can say to counter act the comment, a simple ‘Thank you writing to us. We value your thoughts and will take them under advisement, or we are working to correct this problem….” will suffice. Even if you don’t have the response they may be looking for, your customer will be appreciative that you actually paid attention to their comment. Don’t delete negative comments or be unresponsive, ever (don’t forget that not responding is a response, a negative one). Those actions could spark even more negativity if the disgruntled party notices you deleted their comment. People understand that mistakes occur; other followers will be receptive to your company if they see that your respond to mistakes instead of trying to hide them.

Don’t Tweet About Yourself Too Much – When you are at a party in real life you know that person that just can’t say enough about themselves? Don’t you hate that? The same goes on Twitter, if all you do is brag about yourself you will lose followers. No one likes someone who only talks about themselves! It’s perfectly ok to tweet about your positive press, but also give props to noteworthy accomplishments of your followers and others in your industry or community. They will do the same in return for you. Tweet people how you would like to be tweeted!

Use A Twitter Tracking Tool : A tool like Hootsuite can be useful if you are managing multiple accounts, but is useful for one account also. These tools offer some helpful tools for twitter managers, such as scheduling tweets. This is useful if you want to tweet on the weekend, or tweet in time with a product launch or other newsworthy event. It also has a built in link shrinker. You won’t have to visit tinyurl or other link shortening sites anymore. Additionally, you can view tweet stats, allowing you to see how many clicks your links receive, which can serve as a good indicator of what types of links your followers are most receptive to. You can also see all of your mentions, so you can comment back or say thanks quickly!

Hello World!
January 25, 2010, 7:05 pm
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Hello World!

I’d like to thank WordPress for the epic opening line. So, Thank You WordPress and Hello World (and welcome to my blog).

Not only am I an Online Marketing Pro, but a big advocate of the proverbial “list.” Why do I like lists? For several reasons- I could make a list if you wanted. But since there is a list below, I’ll lay it out in paragraph form. Lists are great, they help set goals and serve as constant reminders of goals. I like to see what I want to accomplish, or in some cases have to accomplish, and its gratifying to physically take that pen and cross off tasks as they are completed. I feel good when I cross something off the list, and keeps me from missing deadlines. Breaking up large projects into smaller to do lists are helpful as well.  Plus, as one of my very wise and favorite college professors told me. “Everyone loves a list,” and it’s true. Many articles today are lists, such as 7 ways to lose 7 pounds in 7 days or 5 Must Have Summer Accessories. You know you love the list, admit it!

To begin, here are 5 Things I Hope To Accomplish With This Blog!

  1. Write and comment about areas of interest within my career scope of all things eCommerce, Social Media and the like
  2. Gain followers in my industry, and learn from their insights and comments on my posts.
  3. Pose questions (and get answers, and advice) to and from other industry leaders.
  4. Share some random info about myself and my non-work related interests, just so everyone gets to know the person behind the computer screen.
  5. Come up with lots of helpful lists and check off some of my own. That’s always fun!

So, welcome to my blog. Help me cross of my “blog to do list”, won’t you?