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From Foursquare To SnackSquare
April 29, 2010, 4:17 pm
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In a prSnackSquareevious post I discussed the many possibilities of utilizing Foursquare and other location-sharing social sites as effective marketing tools. Someone was obviously on the same page as me, recognizing the potential of this medium and created a new site called SnackSquare. SnackSquare, currently in Beta offers businesses a way to post coupons and deals for checking in at their store or restaurant. Currently In the city I live in, one of my favorite restaurants, Carabbas is offering coupon to it’s Mayors on Foursquare. If you show staff that you are the Mayor, you can snag a free dessert with your meal.

This is a great way not only to encourage people to check-in at your location, helping to give you free social media publicity, but it will reward those who frequent your business and are loyal to your brand. SnackSquare acts as sort of a modern day punch card. Plus offering coupons and deals can also solicit new business, someone is always more willing to try a new store or restaurant if there is a discount involved!

Again, this is not a great tool for those strictly online merchants, but favors those who have brick-and morter locations. It will be interesting to see how many more deals will be popping up on this site as more people get in sync with location-sharing.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to work on becoming the Mayor of my local Carabbas and get that free dessert!


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Nice article, Courtney. I’d like to add we don’t only let you post specials to, but we also let businesses deliver sms text messages to potential customers regarding the special when they are near to the store. That’s our defining feature.

Feel free to give me a shout on twitter to discuss it more.


Comment by James from

Thanks for sending me the update! I did not notice that feature, that is really cool!

Comment by cboehm

Become the Mayor of Carabbas, free dessert Mmmm….

This is a great lil post, thanks for noticing what we got going on at Snacksquare, it’s been so interesting to watch these startups like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare open their API’s and let third-party developers grow their platform. I hope more restaurants like Carabbas smarten up and use social media ie Foursquare and Snacksquare to grow their business, they still think all you need is a fan page on Facebook and a Twitter account… Foursquare and Snacksquare do so much more, and really put customers first and keep them interested. I don’t think we have a Carabbas in California….

Comment by Tyler Beerman

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