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Don’t Be A #FailWhale
January 26, 2010, 4:11 pm
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All the latest buzz is about how businesses can leverage social media to their advantage. While many companies are jumping on the social media bandwagon, we Marketing pros know know that it is important to use social media correctly. Having a social media presence means nothing unless you engage your followers and offer useful content. Below are some of my personal recommendations, based on my own experiences and observations, on how to not be an #epicfail on twitter.

Give Props Your Tweeters: When a business or company is on twitter, obviously one or more of the company’s employees are managing the account. Cool companies list the people who tweet for them in the Bio section, such as tweets by @cmb23. This allows the company’s followers to go ahead and view @cmb23’s profile. Many people who tweet for businesses will also tweet about their company. If the company’s employees are on twitter, and using it well, it shows that the people managing the account actually know what they are doing. This looks good for a company because 1.) they have thought enough about their social media presence to have selected the right person for the job, and clearly aren’t tweeting for the sake of tweeting and 2.) if employees have positive things to say about their company on their personal twitter accounts, the company is more favorably viewed.

Turn Negative Comments Into Positive Press: You need to respond negative comments and complaints, preferably in a timely manner. If there is nothing you can say to counter act the comment, a simple ‘Thank you writing to us. We value your thoughts and will take them under advisement, or we are working to correct this problem….” will suffice. Even if you don’t have the response they may be looking for, your customer will be appreciative that you actually paid attention to their comment. Don’t delete negative comments or be unresponsive, ever (don’t forget that not responding is a response, a negative one). Those actions could spark even more negativity if the disgruntled party notices you deleted their comment. People understand that mistakes occur; other followers will be receptive to your company if they see that your respond to mistakes instead of trying to hide them.

Don’t Tweet About Yourself Too Much – When you are at a party in real life you know that person that just can’t say enough about themselves? Don’t you hate that? The same goes on Twitter, if all you do is brag about yourself you will lose followers. No one likes someone who only talks about themselves! It’s perfectly ok to tweet about your positive press, but also give props to noteworthy accomplishments of your followers and others in your industry or community. They will do the same in return for you. Tweet people how you would like to be tweeted!

Use A Twitter Tracking Tool : A tool like Hootsuite can be useful if you are managing multiple accounts, but is useful for one account also. These tools offer some helpful tools for twitter managers, such as scheduling tweets. This is useful if you want to tweet on the weekend, or tweet in time with a product launch or other newsworthy event. It also has a built in link shrinker. You won’t have to visit tinyurl or other link shortening sites anymore. Additionally, you can view tweet stats, allowing you to see how many clicks your links receive, which can serve as a good indicator of what types of links your followers are most receptive to. You can also see all of your mentions, so you can comment back or say thanks quickly!


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